Action & Adventure

Calling all adrenaline-seekers: Grand County has no shortage of heart-pumping activities to enrich your itinerary year-round. The summer is prime time to hit the area’s diverse trail systems, whether your preferred mode of transportation is a mountain bike, ATV or Jeep. Those hanking to battle some rapids will also find excellent kayaking and rafting opportunities.

Visiting during the winter? Experience the magic of zooming through plush powder along more than 1,000 snowmobiling trails or taking the reigns of a canine-powered dog sled.


Kayaking & Rafting

Nothing beats the heady rush of racing down a swiftly flowing river in a trusty rubber raft or kayak. And there's no better place to experience the powerful thrill of Colorado Whitewater than in Grand County –the birthplace of the mighty Colorado River.

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Jeep Tours

Sure, Grand County offers some of Colorado's most outstanding 360 degree views from just about everywhere, but sometimes you just have to get up there.

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Grand County, Colorado is the perfect place to start your engines with hundreds of miles of breathtaking and exciting terrain practically made for ATV/Motorsports. Rent an ATV, motorcycle or OHV for the day or sign up for a guided tour through one of our knowledgable outfitters.

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Rock Climbing

Mountaineering and rock climbing in Colorado requires not only physical strength, but also mental focus, determination, and skill. Despite these requirements, or perhaps, more accurately, because of them, mountaineering and rock climbing have become some of the most rewarding backcountry endeavors one can undertake.

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Zip-Line and Aerial Adventures

Have a high adrenaline adventure at high altitude in Grand County, Colorado! Soar through the sky on one of our Zip-Lines Tours and view the Rocky Mountains from a whole new perspective.

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Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced operator, the Colorado snowmobiling adventure you seek is here! Bring your own or rent a machine to navigate the scenic backcountry—there are outfitters and service shops throughout the county, and miles of terrain to explore on your own or with a guided tour.

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Dog Sled Rides/Races

Ever wanted to race along a snowy trail feeling the power of a loyal team? Bring the whole family up to Grand County, Colorado for a truly exhilarating winter experience in dog sled racing and rides.

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Skiing & Snowboarding

Home to the legendary Winter Park Resort and the intimate Ski Granby Ranch, Grand County boasts some of Colorado's best skiing. Why? Well, let's just say that since we hug the Continental Divide, we get lots and lots of snow. Come explore our amazing terrain.

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