Arapaho National Forest

Explore Six Different Wilderness Areas for Year-Round Adventure


On July 1, 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt established the Arapaho National Forest for the enjoyment of all. Arapaho National Forest consists of 723,744 acres and is largely in Grand and Clear Creek counties, but spills over into neighboring counties too. The forest includes the high Rockies and river valleys, straddles the Continental Divide and is home to the Colorado River and the South Platte River.

Almost totally encompassing the Granby area, there are six officially designated wilderness areas within the Arapaho National Forest boundaries including Byers Peak Wilderness, Indian Peaks Wilderness, James Peak Wilderness, Mount Evans Wilderness, Never Summer Wilderness and Vasquez Peak Wilderness. The forest provides many activities for outdoorsy adventurers including hunting, fishing, off-roading, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.


Looking to pitch a tent or park an RV in Arapaho National Forest? Dispersed camping, group camping, RV camping and campground camping are all available.

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Whether you are ready to embark on a single-day hike or a multiple-day backcountry excursion, there are plenty of trails to suit your needs. Check out all the hike-able trails in our corner of Arapaho National Forest below.

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Hunting and Fishing

With a plethora of lakes, rivers and streams, there are endless places to drop a line no matter the season. See the full listing of lake, pond, stream, river and ice fishing available in Grand County's Arapaho National Forest below.

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Big game hunting is available at a variety of sites in the forest. Game bird and water fowl hunting is allowed at the Pine Beach Picnic Site just outside of Granby.

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Winter Activities

If you have your own snowmobile, set out to explore Doe Creek Trailhead or Idleglen Trailhead on an expedition you won't soon forget.

Arapaho National Forest has plenty of trails to traverse winter wonderland by cross country skis or snowshoes.

Any time of year, there are myriad adventures available in our corner of one of the top national forests in the country. For more information regarding camping restrictions, current road and trail conditions, and more, contact the Sulphur Ranger District at (970) 887-4100.