Adams Falls

On the east side of Grand Lake, less than a mile from the middle of the village, a short walk brings you to Adams Falls. Adams Falls is a beautiful waterfall, named after Jay E. Adams who was an earlier settler of the town of Grand Lake, that feeds into Grand Lake. Adams Falls is one of the most popular attractions to take in in Grand County.

Adams Falls is attainable destination for most all levels of hikers and seeing the waterfall is a great reward for your effort. From the East Inlet Trailhead near the center of town, hike through the mixed forest of pines and aspens. After a 1/3 of a mile, you will reach the Adam Falls Trail, which is a semi-loop that reconnects with the East Inlet Trail. Turn right at the junction on Adams Fall Trail and walk a short distance to an overlook of Adams Falls. The overlook of Adams Falls is quite impressive and drops roughly 55 feet in a series of steps through a narrow rock gorge.

After taking in the overlook, the trail climbs to the top of the falls for another outstanding view from above the falls, and if you look into the distance you can see all of Grand Lake from this point. Continue hiking until the trail reconnect with the East Inlet Trail then take a left and head back towards town.